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Explore Chiang Rai

Explore Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Province has such a diversity of attractions that its capital is often overlooked. This small delightful city is worth getting to know, however, with its relaxed atmosphere, good-value accommodation and great local food. It’s also the logical base from which to plan excursions to the more remote corners of the province.
Tourist attractions Night Bazaar a night market in the middle of downtown Chiang Rai. A place for souvenirs and local products, with free cultural performances. Also more than 40 restaurants.
Lion Hill is the site of a Buddha Cave and a natural cavern where hikers can walk in the south side, and out the north side of the hill that parallels the Mae Kok River.
Saturday Night Walking Street just north of downtown. Hundreds of local folks display their crafts and food. Includes local dance and showcase displays.

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