Thai Hospital Insurance Person 72 Years Old

BLA Aunjai Rokrai (Plan 7)

Name: คุณผู้ชาย Age: 72 years old
Coverage term: 18 years Premium payment term: 18 years
Distinctive point : Easy to apply without medical examination, just only simple health declaration.
The insurance covers life and 11 dread diseases.
Life Insurance Contract : BLA Aunjai
Supplementary Contract :
BLA Easy Care

Annual premium in total

Sum assured (Baht)


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Installment (Baht)



Life insurance premium and health insurance premium(if any) can be used as a personal income tax deduction
as an announcement of The Revenue Department.
Please use “Application form with BLA Aunjai Rokrai” only.
Death benefit due to (one of the followings) (Baht)
1. Death from illness 50,000
2. Death from accident 50,000
3. Death from special case of accident * 50,000
4. Death from riot, civil commotion, or murder 50,000
*Special case of accident is as follows; accident while traveling on/in land vehicle or elevator
(excluding elevator used in mining site or construction site), and fire in theatre, hotel, or any public building.
Survival benefit
On maturity, the insured will receive 50,000
11 Dread diseases benefit
In the event the insured suffers from any dread diseases after the first 90 days of the policy date,
the insured will receive
1. Suffers from the dread disease which is not Non-invasive cancer 1,000,000
2. Suffers from Non-invasive cancer per time of sickness 200,000
Note :
– Non-invasive cancer which is discovered later must not be related to or a consequence of the
Non-invasive cancer for which the company already paid the benefit
– Remaining dread disease’s benefit will be equal to dread disease’s sum assured minus
paid at all benefit of Non-invasive cancer.
– The policy will be terminated immediately after the total of the paid benefits equals to the
sum assured.
– Do not cover dread disease that occurred before policy issuing date and such dread
disease resulting from HIV infection or AIDS
11 Dread diseases
1. Non-invasive cancer 2. Invasive cancer
3. Benign brain tumor 4. Cardiomyopathy
5. Coronary Artery By-pass Surgery 6. Coronary Artery Disease requiring Angioplasty
7. Acute Heart Attack 8. Multiple Sclerosis
9. Major Stroke 10. Viral Encephalitis
11. Cerebral Aneurysm Requiring Brain Surgery

Remark :
– This proposal contains general information. For more details, please read the benefit
and general condition in the policy contract.
– Premium paying is an obligation of the insured. Premium collecting from agent is only for customer servicing.
– Life insurance premium and health insurance premium(if any) can be used as a personal income tax deduction
as an announcement of The Revenue Department.
– Before purchasing a life insurance policy, the insured must be certain that he/she can pay premium throughout
the contractual period.
– Life insurance contract is not a bank deposit. In case of an early surrender, the insured may receive a surrender
value that is less than the amount of paid premium.
– The insured has the right to cancel the policy within 15 days after receiving the policy.
– This sale illustration shows the premium which is subject to change depending on the demographic information
of the insured and underwriting decision of Bangkok Life Assurance PCL.
1. In case that the insured exercises the right related to the policy value according to the nonforfeiture
value table, the above benefits will be canceled or changed.
2. The grace period of overdue premium payment is 60 days.
3. We will not refuse or oppose an incompleteness of a contract if the contract has been in force
for more than 2 years since its effective date.
4. No benefit payment if the insured commits suicide within one year after the policy becomes in force
or the insured is murdered by the beneficiary.