Thailand 10 year visa

Foreigners in Thailand will soon be able to apply for a 10 year visa.

First proposed in November 2016 as a way to promote Thailand as a medical and wellness hub, I understand that the 10 year visa was this week formally approved by the Prime Minister.

The new Non O X visa will be available to anyone who is over 50 years of age and from one of the 14 countries listed below.

Applicants will need to have a minimum 3 million baht in a Thai bank account, or a combination of 1.8 million baht in the bank and income not less than 1.2 million baht.

The 3 million baht must be kept in the bank as a deposit for a period of one year but can be reduced to 1.5 million under certain conditions.

Criminal background checks are required on all applicants, who must also have valid medical insurance from a Thai insurance company for the duration of the visa.

Foreigners are not permitted to work while staying in Thailand on the visa and 90 day reports are still required.

The visa will cost 10,000 baht and will be valid for 5 years, before being renewed for a further 5 years.

The new Non O X visa will be available from 11 August, with an official announcement expected imminently.

The Non O X visa does not replace the current annual retirement extension.

Thailand 10 year visa in brief:

– Over 50s only
– 14 nationalities eligible: Japan, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada and United States of America.
– Minimum 3 million baht in Thai bank account
– or combination of 1. 8 million in the bank and income not less than 1.2 million
– 3 million baht must be kept in account for one year, can be reduced to 1.5 million under certain conditions
– Criminal background check from country you hold passport
– Health insurance provided by Thai company, Outpatient coverage minimum 40,000 baht, Inpatient coverage not less than 100,000 thousand baht
– Not permitted to work
– Unlimited entry valid for 5 years
– Fee is 10,000 baht
– 90 day report still required.
– Visa issued in two 5 year periods

A1 airport shuttle at Don Mueang Airport

A1 airport shuttle at Don Mueang Airport

A1 airport shuttle at Don Mueang Airport

Starting Thursday, passengers can travel between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Khaosan Road on a bus ride that only costs about as much as the surcharge to use an airport taxi.

At a cost of 60 baht, the new S1 air-conditioned bus runs between BKK and the old quarter, including backpacker hub Khaosan Road and the Sanam Luang royal field.

Full story: Here

Google Maps will now help you find your parked car

Have you ever had a night out on the town and you could not remember where you parked the car?

Google Maps has added a new feature that will help you find where you parked your car.

The new feature is available on both iOS and Android, Google said in a blog post.

To enable the feature, Android users just need to tap on the blue dot that reveals their location and then tap “save your parking”.

The location will then be saved and a label added to the map showing where the car is parked.

Users are then able to add additional info to the label and can even add an image of where the car is parked or send the location of the parking spot to friends.

For iOS users, they can follow similar steps to enable the feature on their iPhone. Start by tapping on the blue dot and select “set as parking location”.

“This is in addition to the automatic parking detection you might have already noticed in Google Maps for iOS. If you connect to your car using USB audio or bluetooth, your parking spot will be automatically added to the map when you disconnect and exit the vehicle,” Google said.

Vietjet launches ‘Free summer, Fly for free’ campaign

To celebrate the coming summer, Vietjet has launched an amazing “Free summer, Fly for free” campaign – running from April 25 to June 15 – as part of which it is offering one million promotional tickets priced from zero if they are booked within the “golden hours” of noon to 2pm at

A host of interesting activities can also be booked as part of the promotion.

During this, the campaign’s first week, Vietjet will run a “three-golden-day” promotion from Tuesday to Thursday, which applies to all domestic and international routes from Vietnam to Seoul and Busan (South Korea), Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taichung and Tainan (Taiwan), Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon (Myanmar) and Siem Reap (Cambodia) for travel between May 15 and December 31, excluding national holidays.

The promotional tickets are available for booking within the hours of 12pm to 2pm (GMT+7) at (also compatible with smart phones at or at (just click the “Booking” tab).

Payment can be easily made via debit and credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, JCB, KCP and American Express, and through ATM cards issued by 29 Vietnamese banks registered for Internet banking.

Moreover, from May 8 to June 4, participants in the “Free summer – Fly for Free” game at Vietjet’s microsite – – will have chances of winning a weekly award of five free return flights, with each flight comprising tickets for a five-person group and a grand award of a free package tour to an optional destination.

new services, connect Sattahip with Koh Chang and Hua Hin

Royal Passenger Liner Co, the company which operates the Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry service will launch two new routes, it has been announced.

The new services, which will begin in May, will connect Sattahip with Koh Chang and Hua Hin.

The Sattahip-Koh Chang service will operate from the Chuk Samet pier in Sattahip, Chonburi, to the Bang Bao pier on Koh Chang.

While the Sattahip-Hua Hin service will also run from Chuk Samet pier to the Khao Takiab pier in south Hua Hin.

Royal Passenger Liner Co ferry

Royal Passenger Liner Co ferry

The announcement was made by the Marine Department chief Sorasak Saensombat who said Royal Passenger Liner will purchase two new ferries in order to operate the service.

Each ferry will be able to accommodate 350 passengers.

Also in the pipeline is a new service that will connect Sattahip with either Pranburi or Phetchaburi, although the details of which were unclear in the Thai report.

Voice TV reported that the Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry carried a total of 10,689 passengers in February and March, 6,995 were foreigners, while 3,694 were Thai nationals. Out of the foreigners, 4,472 were from Europe, 1,543 were from China.

There was no information regarding ticket prices for the new service.

A one way ticket for the Pattaya-Hua Hin service costs 1,250 baht.

May 5 is no longer a national holiday

Coronation Day on May 5 is no longer a national holiday

The cabinet decided today to remove the Coronation Day of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as a national holiday.

This means Friday, May 5 will no longer be a day off for those working for Thai companies. However, the cabinet is adding two new holidays. They are July 28, the birthday of Thailand’s current monarch King Vajiralongkorn, and October 13, the date King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away

This year July 28 and October 13 both fall on Fridays.

Legionella in hotels across Phuket, Pangnga and Krabi

Public health authorities have said that they have found the potentially deadly “Legionella” bacteria in shower heads, swimming pools, taps and spas at hotels all over the south of Thailand.

In some cases more than ten per cent of the samples they took last year showed evidence of Legionella that can cause pneumonia and other lung and health complications,

But there was some good news – the concentrations they found were not sufficient to affect people. Though they were monitoring the situation.

Dr Sukhum Kanchanaphimai, president of the Doctor’s Scientific Council said that his organization had taken many samples from hotels from January to December last year after reports that tourists had got infected while holidaying in Thailand.

They checked places such as water tanks, shower heads, taps, swimming pools, spas and parts of air conditioning units.

In 1,508 samples taken from Phuket, Pangnga and Krabi hotels some 116 tested positive for Legionella. This is about 8% of the samples

police get tough on seatbelts

Prime Minister Prayut Chanocha has postponed the new regulations prohibiting passengers from riding in the cargo bed of pickup trucks and in the rear of extended pickups, until after Songkran, a senior police officer said on Wednesday.

Assistant Police Commissioner General, Pol Lt Gen Wittaya Prayongpan, said the postponement was to minimise the impact on the public.

Police and related agencies will spend 15 days explaining the bans and the rules will be enforced and fines will be handed out after Songkran.

The new rule, which was to be officially enforced on Wednesday, was heavily criticised. It authorised police to impose fines ranging from Bt100 to Bt500 on violators.


National and metropolitan police have announced that strict road safety measures will be in place from today.

The regulations refer to seat belt wearing by drivers and passengers and the practice of travelling in the flat bed of pick-ups.

Drivers and passengers will face fines from today.

Withaya Prayongphan at national police HQ said that from today people would not be allowed to travel in the back of pick-ups.

The only exception will be made at Songkran where people will be allowed to be in the back in designated areas where water splashing is allowed.

But if they stray out onto the highway and are still in the back people will be fined.

A meeting at 9.30 am today will clarify the matter for all concerned, he said.

Withaya said that he accepted that Thailand was number two in the world for the worst accident statistics. He said it was for the public’s own good to follow the law.

Deputy commander of the met police Jiraphat Phumijit said that the city force will be very strict on drink driving in the capital.

The new seat belt laws will also be in force from today. He said that initially those in private cars will be fined just 100 baht though the law allows for a 500 baht fine to be levied. This applies to drivers and passengers.

This is so that the public can get used to the measures.

But he warned there will be no leniency for drivers and passengers in public transport vehicles. He warned that drivers and passengers can be fined up to 5,000 baht in the case of public transport vehicles.

Police I lert u

“Police I lert u”

A new smart phone app rolled out by the Royal Thai Police aimed at improving safety for holiday makers.

Tourist police in Thailand have launched a new safety app. The mobile app is aimed at improving safety of tourists. The app known as Tourist Buddy Application works via a smart-phone and offers safety tips as well as travel information.

Tourists can also get in touch with any emergency call center and police station within the country. The 1155 hotline number is accessible 24/7. Authorities will also be able to trace where the call is originating from, which will help the police pass on your location to the nearest police station and get help to you as soon as possible.

The app is called “Police I lert u”

Note: the system is up and running, you have to register via the app.

New app for Thailand minivans

New app for Thailand minivans – booking and complaining all in one!

New app for Thailand minivans – booking and complaining all in one!

New app for Thailand minivans

A new application for booking minivans starts today – you can book and pay for a seat, then report the driver if he breaks the law – all in one easy package!

The “Get Van Booking” app is a joint collaboration of the metropolitan police and the private sector.

Travelers will be able to get seats without the necessity for queuing.

And they will be able to pay online through the app.

Then if things turn pear-shaped you can report the driver at the press of a button.